Aug 23 • 1HR 3M

WannaChat - You’re Not Your Degree

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👁️‍🗨️ What would you do if you could be what you really wanna be? I wanna _______________________. WannaChat by Wannabe is your place to fill in the blank. It’s an anti-podcast. It’s not just interesting stories. It’s not just motivation. Its actions misfits and rule-breakers like you can take to be more of what you Wannabe. Each week, we chat with badass experts on getting to the core of what you wanna be at work, in relationships, and beyond.
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What’s it like to successfully navigate the business world without a college degree? Just ask us, Juan Pablo and Cristina, two of the three Wannabe co-founders. We went the uncertain, risky route by dropping out of college very young to enter the workforce. Whether you want to drop out, take a break, or do something different than what your degree prepared you for, this chat will help you understand exactly what you’re getting yourself into.